We're Transforming the Future of Cyber Security

Our Shared Mission

Individuals Deserve Better Security & Privacy.

Our personal lives are under attack. We want to be the most comprehensive security subscription available to people. Real security, not just counter measures like software that closes ports on your router.


Personal Security & Privacy is the Core of Enterprise Security.

Employees' personal lives and devices are the biggest unaddressed threat for large organizations. It's often the root cause of major cyberattacks (like the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack). Companies know that their employees are the key to security, but instead of training videos and signing security promises, we help leading companies actually give their employees real security in their personal lives as an employee benefit.

How I Could Have Prevented The Colonial Pipeline Attack

Cyber Security is a Process, Not a Product.

We believe real security is a process. Not just passive or reactive. Not just a collection of counter measures. Real security is preparing for compromises, dealing with them when they happen, and managing those risks with things like insurance. Skin in the game.


Agency is backed by Y Combinator and top tier VC funds, who were also early investors in companies like Airbnb, Google, PayPal, Dropbox, DoorDash, and many others.

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